India is home to as many as 1200 species of birdlife (roughly 14% of those found on earth), out of which 141 are endemic to this region. What's even more astonishing is that of the 27 orders and 155 families that birdlife has been classified in to, India is home to 20 orders and 77 families!

That is why bird-watching is an important part of every Questrails experience. Our tours will appeal to the serious birdwatcher as well as to the beginners. These tours are led by experts who will not only point out the birds to you, but also introduce you to their habitats and unique traits. And the amazing things you will discover, well… you will just have to see for yourself. Like for instance, there are some birds you can identify only by their calls and some by the flora around.

In all, bird-watching is captivating even for the first-timers; for the experts, it is certainly nothing less than a passion.

The itineraries focus on:

  • The Kumaon regions of the Himalayas at Ranikhet, Nainital, Saatal & the Corbett National Park
  • The wetlands of Okhla, National Chambal Sanctuary, Bharatpur & Sultanpur
  • The National Parks of Rajasthan & Gujarat areas of South & North-east India
  • Nepal & Bhutan
  • Goa & Western Ghats
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