By Road - The camp is approximately 350 km from Delhi and 100 km from Chandigarh. It is an ideal 9 Hours Drive from Delhi with a half an hour of midway break included. Most of the way up to Chandigarh one is a pretty fast highway and one makes good time as well. The drive in the hills starts from Kalka to Solan (42 KM) and thereon to Rajgarh (45 KM).

A detailed route description would look like this

Delhi - Karnal - Ambala (200 KM) - Panchkula - Kalka (260 KM) - Barog - Solan (300 KM) - Ochghat - Yashwant Nagar - Sanora - Rajgarh (340 KM) - Haloni Pul - Camp BodhiSatva (345 KM)

Upon reaching the town of Rajgarh, cross the main market and bus terminal and take the lower road on the first fork. Here on its a no diversion road up to the next 4.5 KM. You will see a small board for directions to the camp here. Your reservation voucher will have a number that you can call and some one will meet you at the road.

Train – Options

By train - Kalka/Chandigarh the nearest railheads is about 90/100 Kms from the Camp BodhiSatva, Rajgarh and is well connected by a host of trains from Delhi.

  • The Howrah Kalka Mail departs daily at 2250 Hrs and arrives Kalka at 0500 Hrs. On the way back leaves Kalka at 2345 Hrs and reaches Delhi at 0625 Hrs.
  • The Kalka Morning Shatabdi leaves Delhi at 7.40 Hrs to reach Kalka at 1200 Hrs.
  • The Kalka Evening Shatabdi leaves Delhi at 1715 Hrs to reach Kalka at 2115 Hrs. On the way back leaves Kalka at 0600 Hrs and reaches Delhi at 1000 Hrs.
  • The New Delhi Kalka Himalayan Queen Express leaves Delhi at 0600 Hrs and arrives Kalka at 1120 Hrs. On the way back leaves Kalka at 1650 Hrs and reaches Delhi at 2210 Hrs. From Kalka the camp is 3 hours by road.
  • The Chandigarh Shatabdi Leaves Delhi at 0740 Hrs to Reach Chandigarh at 1050 Hrs from here the camp is 4 Hrs by road.
  • From Kalka one has the option of taking the toy train to Solan and thereafter take a taxi transfer to the Camp or hire a cab to the camp BodhiSatva.


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