Tarun Kanojia (Director)

A whimsical poet, musician, singer, a sensitive writer and a photographer, a keen nature lover, a happy camper, an avid bird watcher and angler, environmentalist and adventurer and even a rebel entrepreneur, Tarun defies definition. At best you can call him a man who follows his heart and puts his heart into everything he does. However, like every maverick he had to serve his time within conventional bounds before he found his true calling; after four years as a marketing professional, he founded Questrails in 1999.

Currently he is settled in Paris and leverages Questrails in the European market. However, you will feel his presence in the much unbridled love for outdoor life and adventure that is that is so much a part of Questrails.

Manishankar Ghosh (Director)

Mani discovered adventure quite early in his life. He won the President's Award as part of Bharat Scouts and Guides in 1987 and since then, adventure has been his middle name. After leading and being part of god-knows-how-many-by-now treks, safari and adventure expeditions could it have been anything else? More so when you consider his real passion – river-rafting. He has been a part of various river-rafting expeditions in the country – Alaknanda, Kali Sariyu, Indus and even Zanskar.

An MBA (Tourism) with more than 11 years of experience in the adventure tourism industry, Mani is the co-founder of Questrails, along with Tarun. Yes, he overseas and manages affairs of the company but if you expect to see him behind a sedate Director's desk, you couldn't be more mistaken. He is more comfortable handling client-calls hanging from a cliff-side or from the middle of a class 2 rapid.


Siddhartha Dutta (Director)

An Art Director by profession, Siddhartha is not a person you will see much of at Questrails. However, this impression of detachment is dangerously deceptive. On one hand, he is hands-on behind all communication, advertising and branding initiatives related to Questrials and on the other, he shares both Mani and Tarun's passion for the outdoors.

He has over 12 years of experience as an advertising professional and as Creative Director of Ogilvy has led many a leading national brand like Cadbury's, Castrol and Kotak. He also was for a while, creative head for OPEN, the magazine. However, the reason he likes to be associated with Questrails is far from professional expertise; the company of the closest of close friends, a great sense of creative freedom and opportunities to experience newer sides of outdoor life are what draws him.

One more thing. You will never find him at the Questrails office. But maybe, at one of the camps. More than happy to be on his own with his Mac Book or his Nikon.


Kishore Seram (Consultant)

He is a journalist in the past 25 years has served in various capacities and job profiles. But equally important to him is what he engages with outside his profession – he had dabbled with marketing handicrafts from the Northeast; produced and directed several documentaries; and loves to play motivator/ counselor to his junior colleagues in need of guidance. An optimist, he believes that life is beautiful and goodwill is a serious investment. He loves nature and the outdoors. Currently he is with OPEN magazine as Senior Editor.


Charanjeev Kalha (Consultant)

Ask anyone who knows him and they'll say, Charan is the coolest guy you can have with you on a trip. He adjusts to everything and finds an adventure everywhere. His good humour and easy nature is also seriously infectious. He has organized and participated in treks and rafting expeditions all over the Himalayas for the past 15 years; a lot of them have more than benefited from his flair for leadership, planning and motivation. He has rafted on almost all major rivers in the country and has also been on climbing expeditions both in and outside India.

In fact, one would think Charanjeev was born to only live the outdoors to the fullest. And very few would connect him to the software graduate who runs large and complex business intelligence/data mining projects for the financial institutes as part of his day job!

And what does he do at Questrails? Ah, well! He is the living, breathing image of the brand itself.

Squadron leader Sunny Ahuja

‘Sunny' as he is popularly known, is an ex-air force pilot, alumnus of the national defence academy, founder and ceo of ether ventures. He has been conducting out bound learning (obl) and classroom workshops for the past five years and has an experience of over 300 outward bound learning programs and more than 100 classroom workshops having trained more than 10,000 participants with leading corporates: covering aspects of team-working, motivation, leadership and various other behavioural dimensions. He has done his "train the trainer". With his background as a military pilot, sunny is precise, sharp, agile and adept at handling people as well as adventure. As ceo, he mentors young professionals into facilitators and entrepreneurs. An avid golfer, he can hypnotize anyone with his vivid story-telling about all his glorious memories and experiences from his cadet days till yesterday!!!


Pankaj Kanojia

Ever seen raw energy on the move? Meet Pankaj. Though he is a qualified mountaineer from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering Uttarkashi (NIM), he does not stop at mountains. From para-gliding to rock climbing to para- motoring to hot air ballooning, he does it all. He has been associated with the adventure tourism industry for more than a decade and has been an instructor for possibly all the adventure activities man can imagine. You'd think such a rough and tough guy is steel through and through. But mention his son and you'll see a gentle and loving father lurking right beneath the tough exterior.

Currently he heads the sales team for Questrails. Of course, he still goes on expeditions. And he still brings back … well, weird or rather unusual gifts for his son.


Deepu Kumar (Senior River Runner)

Deepu is as old Questrails at Questrails, and the rivers know him since he was 5 years old. Two of the best River Runners of the country – Riju Raj Singh & Harish Kumar Negi  - have trained him, but the instinctive bond that he has with the rivers is entirely inborn. He has rafted on almost all the rivers of India and has led expeditions successfully. And river-rafting on dangerous waters is one of the safest things you can do in life with Deepu and also one of the most exciting. However, these are not things you will realize when you meet him. For Deepu in spite of all his achievements, is very humble (too humble, we think) and shy. 

When he is on dry land, he is one of the main backend pillars of Questrails.  


Tsering mutop (Senior River Runner)

Mutop was born in the cold waterless desert of Ladakh and spent a young part of his life there before moving out. Since then, he has been diligently trying to make up for the lack of water in his early years. One of the most experienced white-water guides in the country, he has been challenging rapids for almost twenty years now. Not surprisingly almost all the rivers we read about in a Geography lesson have felt the force of Mutop's paddle, be it Ganga, Bhagirathi, Alaknanda, Beas, Indus, Zanskar or Kali. He has carried out rafting expeditions for 13 guard battalions, royal tank regiments of the British army and mountain artillery brigade. Yet, like all drunk on adventure at Questrails, Mutop is yet not satisfied. None of this however shows on him. He looks like one forever at ease with peace and a dull hour!

When he is not riding the waves, Mutop can be seen fiddling with his bike that looks a few decades older than him and has been his trusted traveling companion during his annual trips to his village in Ladakh.


Saim Ahmed (Naturalist)

To be politically correct, he is an MBA in Marketing. But to our delight, he is actually the quintessential spirit of Questrails. Corbett introduced him to wildlife and the camera discovered the hidden depths in him. Saim has been to almost every national park in India and every wildlife photography workshop he has attended has merely honed his skills as a wildlife photographer. At Questrails, he leads visitors on unexplored nature trails, captures their imaginations with stories of real life adventure and amazes them with his in depth knowledge about wildlife and birdlife.

And the fact that you cannot take marketing out from a marketing guy has worked very well for us too. Saim is great at interacting with clients and excellent at interactive marketing.


Sandeep Rawat

He is unlike any accountant you have ever met. He joined Questrails as the finance guy, but quickly discovered camping and trekking were his forte as well. And being the smart guys he is, he put his financial discipline into maintaining the adventure Questrails is: he is a tough, sensible, practical and a sincere guide on treks. He organizes outings for children with the same meticulous care with which he tallies the red and blue columns of the books.  He delights in learning new things almost as much as he loves to see the profits pouring in.

However, in spite of the serious shift in career, fortunately for Questrails, the accountant still lives long and strong within Sandeep or ‘SANDY’ as the kids call him. This shy introvert manages all finance and admin work for the company apart from being a key facilatator during the school programs at the camps.


Jitu Pegu

A guy of athletic nature , passion to explore the whole world, who belongs to a remote area in North Eastern part of India started his journey to be one of the best in his field. His first step towards his goal was landing for a PGDM in Tourism & Leisure with specialization in Adventure Tourism. Mountaineering courses & trekking courses from ABVIMAS, Manali & also a qualified zipping instructor adds stars to his exploring sky that has no limits. Travelling and exploring new places are his interest that makes him more near to this adventure world.

Majid Rizvi (Manager, Camps)

Majid left the telecommunication sector for his love for the outdoors. At Questrails he oversees all the operations of all the camps. He is smart and proactive in his approach and a born team leader. But though most of the time you will find him in an amiable mood, he can be very tough when needed!

He is hard working and friendly and a great companion on treks and walks. What’s more, working with the locals, he always goes that extra mile to make your stay at the camps so very exclusive.

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